• Wider Door – The door frame has been widened by 6″ allowing operator more room when entering the bin.
  • Airtight Seal – Closes both top and bottom with one handle. Once latched is tightened is applies pressured force against the weatherproof foam on door creating an airtight seal for better grain aeration.
  • Door latch – Chain attached to the side of the bin so that you can latch the door when it is open, securing the door from blowing around.
  • Higher lift – Higher lift of the DUAL hydraulic cylinders gives more clearance upon operator entering the bin
  • Dual cylinder lift – Equipped with dual locking valves, it allows an operator to lock cylinders in place prior to entering the bin.
  • Easier Auger Access – Inner tunnel bracing change has eliminated the need for an operator to remove bracing to move in his larger auger.
  • Tunnel Auto Guide – End guide brackets recessed in steel or concrete eliminate the shifting of the tunnel while filling

Current Pricing

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Brochure & Specs


Why are the swing air bin packages the most cost effective bin on the market?

Swing air packages allow the customer to unload safely from the door by the unique feature of the air tunnel which allows the auger to be pushed to the centre of the bin through the door with no obstructions this ELIMINATING the need for unload systems. In addition, it features good air flow by evenly forcing air down and then around the sides of the bin.

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How does your Swing Air compare in cost to full floor aeration?

Due to the fact that Darmani offers customers factory direct sales, the Swing Air is a lot more cost effective than the full floor aeration models as distribution and dealer costs account for increased cost.

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Will Darmani Swing Air or Cross Air work on cement as well as steel floors?

Yes, both the Swing Air and Cross Air models work on both steel floor as well as cement foundations.

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Why are Swing Air bin packages the most cost effective bin on the market?

Swing Air utilizes the entire fan’s air flow with no restrictions. By using your existing auger with bigger bins, you can push your auger through the tunnel, safely unloading from the centre, thus eliminating the need for an unload system. With an electric winch operated from outside, the entire unit is safely lifted up and latched out of the way, making final cleanup with Binsweep or grain vac safe, fast and easy.

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Will Darmani bins work with full floor aeration?

Yes, Darmani flat bottom bin models will work with any style of aeration.

Note: If a full floor aeration systems is used, then one should use concrete base and make sure they have a good sub-base.

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Why are so many customers considering a different aeration system other than a traditional full floor aeration?

Simply, three reasons.

  1. Cost
  2. Air Flow
  3. Easy Cleanup

Full floor aeration systems usually come standard with some sort of unload system which can make some bin models more expensive than hopper bins. What dealers forget to tell customers about full aeration systems is the fact that the full floor aeration is susceptible to fines. These fines may build up over time, thus blocking air flow which may restrict all air flow so that no air movement takes place. Its only usually a matter of time as to when this will occur and when it does, the customer has to take apart the entire floor, clean everything and then re-assemble back ensuring no gaps etc. This involves a lot of manual labor.

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What is static pressure and how is it reduced?

Static pressure is the resistance to flow (energy added by the fan) measured in inches of water gauge.

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What makes an effective aeration system?

Quite simply, the system that both reduces the static pressure and has the least amount of restriction to allow maximum air flow.

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