Darmani steel floors are available to fit any manufacturer’s grain bins. Applicable grain bin sizes may range from 14 to 36 feet in diameter. These steel floors offer a 20-year limited warranty and are 100% resaleable. *Special order floors also available
Steel floors come with all necessary hardware and caulking.


  • 100% Re-saleable
  • Won’t rot like wood
  • Won’t crack like concrete. Concrete also requires a 28 day cure time.
  • Concrete, rebar, mesh and labour can cost up to $0.50/bushel
  • Cost-effective –as when you add up Concrete, rebar, mesh and labour can cost a lot more
  • Lifetime 20 Year Warranty
  • NO welding required

Standard Steel Floor Features

  • Unique construction with VFS; a patented seal system
  • 14′ floors made in one piece and require no pilot vehicle in Saskatchewan or Manitoba
  • Made to fit all grain bin sizes between 14′ – 36′
  • Robotic manufacturing allows our products to be of the highest quality, guarantees a fit and lowers labour costs
  • 4″ x 3/16″ sidewall
  • All floors are painted with industrial coat paint with hardener applied
  • Factory Direct Prices as low as 20-35% below the competitions’ steel floors
  • Exclusive options like the patented pit clean-out and tie-down anchors
  • When retrofitting older bins – consider adding an extension tier to add storage

More Value

  • 100% Re-saleable
  • Won’t rot like wood
  • Won’t crack like concrete. Concrete also requires a 28 day cure time (1).
  • Cost-effective –as when you add up Concrete, rebar, mesh and labour can cost a lot more
  • Lifetime 20-Year Limited Warranty
  • NO welding required

Download Spec Sheets


14′ steel floor – $1965.00 for one piece – (Westeel/Twister)

14′ steel floor – $2095.00 for two piece – (Westeel/Twister)

16′ steel floor – $2350.00

18′ steel floor – $2650.00

19′ steel floor – $2775.00

21′ steel floor – $3295.00

22′ steel floor – $3495.00

27′ steel floor – $6085.00

30′ steel floor – $6899.00



Coming Soon

How can I protect my bin from wind damage?

Darmani tie down anchors will offer the same wind protection as if it was concrete mounted.

Note: by using tie down anchors, the savings in the insurance rates alone will pay for the anchors.
What type of base do I need with steel floors?

Just like the concrete, the base is extremely important. The bin is only as good as the base that is used. This stands true for both the sub base for concrete as well as steel floors. We are recommending a very similar base to that if you were to put on concrete. A very well packed sand/clay/mixture.

Is there a limit to the size of bin that can go on a steel floor?

As long as you have a good foundation, a Darmani steel floor can handle large bins in excess of 31,000 bushels. It also may require some heavy duty anchors which are installed on stiffened bins to help distribute weight more evenly. The anchors can also be adjusted if any settling occurs.

How does steel floor compare in price versus concrete?

A lot less. Darmani both manufacturers and sells factory direct steel floors, eliminating dealers and distributors. Cement, if done properly, is very expensive when you add in all the costs–cement (@$220/yard), rebar, labour and seal form. Depending on area, how busy contractors are with commercial projects, and time of year, cement pads can sometimes be double the cost of a steel floor.

Why are more farmers buying Darmani steel floors?

Simply–cost, availability and resale. Grain storage is very important aspect of grain farming today. In a fluctuating market, the ability to store grain for a longer period of time, can increase overall profits. The steel floor is 100% re-saleable, making it an investment, rather than something that depreciates. If you decide to sell your farm, you know you are going to get a good return on your investment, unlike cement which will result in a net loss.

What do I need to pick up my floor/bin package?

Darmani bin packages feature steel floors made in halves with packaging to accommodate handling. Many customers use a regular truck/trailer for pick up, but what is used depends on both size and weights of bin packages.

What options do you offer with your steel floors?

Options include our exclusive pit cleanout and tie down anchors.

Can steel floors be moved after a bin is mounted?

All steel floor mounted bins can be moved, however, if you want to move with mover, it is best to stay 22′ or smaller. Check with local mover – Call for a list in your area.

What is the “variable mount” and how do you guarantee fit?

Variable fit is a excellent feature because it guarantees a perfect floor to bin fit and seal. We understand the importance of achieving a proper seal, even when bins are stretched or oblong. The larger floors are sold in two pieces. Designed with an overlap, the two piece floor is adjustable by the installation crew to ensure the sidewall fits tight.  An overlap plate is bolted on to the sides to cover the gap and then caulking is applied for a good seal and tight fit.

We guarantee fit by two things:

  1. We program all measurements into a computer where we robotically weld. This allows for extreme accuracy.
  2. We have a “variable floor mount system” standard with all two piece floors – This allows both new and older bins some flexibility in getting the sheets to match up to our steel floor.
How do my bins mount on your floors?

To ensure a good seal, the floors mount on the inside of the sidewall of the bin, therefore eliminating moisture from running down the bin and into the floor.

Are your steel floors painted?

We use an industrial strength black paint on all our products.