Feature Exterior stiffened grain bin models for mounting on either steel floors or cement pads. Exclusive features include a 52” POSI-drive track mounted lid, inspection hatch, roof ring bracing and easy access door with no tie rod brace inner panels. Complete Bin packages can come with options such as aeration and centre unload systems.


  • Exterior stiffened for added strength
  • 52” Track mounted REMOTE opener
  • Grade 8.2 bolts JS1000
  • 4” Wide corrugation
  • 44” sheet size
  • Manhole inspection hatch
  • Roof support ring
  • Easy access door with no tie rod braces or inner panels
  • Roof & sidewall ladders
  • Limited warranty

More Value

  • The strongest roof on the market
  • Factory Direct -Wholesale pricing
  • Five (5) Year Limited Warranty

Grain Bin Packages Available

  • Flat bottom bins from 5000 to 31,000 bushel
  • Door unload packages (5000 -10,000 bushels)
  • Bins with Swing Air (10,000-20,000 bushels)
  • Bin with Cross Air (28,000-31,000 Bushels)
  • Bins available in either cement mount or with Steel bin floor.

Darmani Flat Bottom Bin Options

  • Steel floor *100% resalable *(NO cement required)
  • Cement angle iron rings
  • Level alert indicators
  • Pit cleanout – designed to work with existing bin sweeps
  • Tie-down anchors- Protects your investment from wind
  • Swing Air – Designed for medium size bins that need to be centre unloaded
  • Cross Air – Designed for large flat bottom bins
  • Unload systems
  • Aeration Fans
  • Temp monitoring systems

Call for special pricing.

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(306) 377-4430


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