Feature Exterior stiffened grain bin models for mounting on either steel floors or cement pads. Exclusive features include a 52” POSI-drive track mounted lid, inspection hatch, roof ring bracing and easy access door with no tie rod brace inner panels. Complete Bin packages can come with options such as aeration and centre unload systems.


  • Exterior stiffened for added strength
  • 52” Track mounted REMOTE opener
  • Grade 8.2 bolts JS1000
  • 4” Wide corrugation
  • 44” sheet size
  • Manhole inspection hatch
  • Roof support ring
  • Easy access door with no tie rod braces or inner panels
  • Roof & sidewall ladders
  • Limited warranty

More Value

  • The strongest roof on the market
  • Factory Direct -Wholesale pricing
  • Five (5) Year Limited Warranty

Grain Bin Packages Available

  • Flat bottom bins from 5000 to 31,000 bushel
  • Door unload packages (5000 -10,000 bushels)
  • Bins with Swing Air (10,000-20,000 bushels)
  • Bin with Cross Air (28,000-31,000 Bushels)
  • Bins available in either cement mount or with Steel bin floor.

Darmani Flat Bottom Bin Options

  • Steel floor *100% resalable *(NO cement required)
  • Cement angle iron rings
  • Level alert indicators
  • Pit cleanout – designed to work with existing bin sweeps
  • Tie-down anchors- Protects your investment from wind
  • Swing Air – Designed for medium size bins that need to be centre unloaded
  • Cross Air – Designed for large flat bottom bins
  • Unload systems
  • Aeration Fans
  • Temp monitoring systems

Grain Bin Prices

PRICING NOTE: Listed above are current specials for select sizes. Call for other bin sizes on sale.


Coming soon.

Why are customers saying that the Darmani lid is the best in the industry?

Easy to open – Easy access – Wind resistant – Venting

The lid is an important part of the bin and the average lid causes much frustration as a result of a poor design. We understood that good lid design was crucial in the overall design of the Darmani lid. Unlike competitors, our lid features a track mounted, roller bearing design for easy open and close operation. Our standard 52” lid opens up all the way, accommodating larger augers, unlike competitor lids which open up only partially. Designed with a catch in both the front and back, means when it comes to wind and moisture, our lid outperforms competitors’ lid designs. Optional venting, controlled from the ground, can eliminate the need for some additional roof vents on some bin models.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When running fans in cold temperatures, ensure vents on the lid or other roof vents are clear to avoid roof damage.
Do you offer RTM (ready to move) flat bottom bins?

NO, we stopped offering RTM Flat bottom bins for the simple reasons that bins are getting bigger and when you sit down and do the math by the time you add in pilot cars it is more cost effective to assemble on site.

How do your bins compare with Westeel regarding gauge and features?

Gauge to gauge, with the exception of a few models are bins are heavier as we have updated our current designs giving them more steel where required so they can handle higher stress loads. Darmani does offer many value-added features. Click a link below for more details.

How does the weight of Darmani bins compare to Westeel?

When comparison gauges of steel, the weights will be very similar in that we use there is standardization in weights of gauges versus actual weights based on the galvanized coating and sheet size. That being said, our bins are generally heavier than our competitors due to heavier steel in stiffeners and bottom sheets as well as in both the door and an advanced lid design.

How do your complete bin packages compare in price to competitors?

Bushel to bushel when comparing the same size of the bin, because we sell direct, our Hopper bins are a lot less. When all is said and done, across the board you will see savings on all of our bin models versus our competitors if you compete “apples to apples” as not all hopper bins are created equal. (Click for complete comparison details) We offer factory direct pricing eliminating the costly traditional dealer/distributor marketing sales approach.

What do I need to set up my own bin package?

Unlike our competitors our roof peak rings come with added strength value so all of our bins can be lifted from the top roof. You will need some sort of lifting device. Depending on both size and availability, you will need either a bin crane, picker truck or bin jacks. For more details, go to articles.

Why is it important to have ladder protection on taller bins?

Not only is it safe, but it is also the law in some parts of Canada. Our Skylift offers an elevator platform with a cage enclosure to ensure safety. (See related article)

What are the advantages of leasing bins?

Leasing grain bins is one of the only ways to save on taxes. Unlike most purchases, such as a combine/tractor or air seeder, grain bins and buildings don’t depreciate leaving customers with little to no write offs. Leasing also frees up cash flow as the payments are smaller, freeing up cash for other necessary on farm purchases. Using Darmani’s Wholesale Lease Program offers customers not only a fast and easy transaction, but excellent rates as well as *pre-pay discount.

How can I protect my bin from wind damage?

Darmani tie down anchors will offer the same wind protection as if it was concrete mounted.

Note: by using tie down anchors, the savings in the insurance rates alone will pay for the anchors.
How does your air lid remote opener work?

Simply operation right from the ground. The operator can easily open and close the lid and the optional venting on lid (if applicable).

Our air lid accomplishes four things.

  • Easy to open/close: uses a track mounted roller guide
  • Easy access: our lids are easy to fill with a 52″ opening
  • Wind resistance: has a catch on the back and front our lid
  • Venting: our air lid has venting built right into it. An operator can aerate bin with the air lid closed eliminating snow build up from roof vents.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When running fans in cold temperatures, ensure vents on the lid or other roof vents are clear to avoid roof damage.
What makes Darmani doors, “easy access”?

Darmani bin doors offer easy access because the door frames are built heavy enough that they don’t require any inner bracing or door panels.

Are your bins resaleable?

Unlike cement models, Darmani bins with steel skid foundations can be moved and are 100% re-saleable.

Are Darmani grain bin packages insurable?

All of our bin packages are insurable similar to bins with concrete floors because we include tie down anchors as standard equipment with all of our bin packages.

Can I mount a Darmani bin on cement?

Yes, you can. You would require a seal form kit (Available on select models) or cement angle iron rings.

Why are more and more customer choosing Darmani?

To sum it up: savings and a unique, diverse product offering that is cost effective. Grain storage is one of the most important parts of grain farming as it protects the farmer’s investment. Long term grain storage is equally important to the bottom line. Great savings are found in a factory direct sales approach–manufacturer to the end user, eliminating the middle man and avoiding the need for the dealer/distributor approach that our competitors still use. Darmani offers all the service you need including leasing and financing with one simple call. Offering both flat and hopper bins provide customers with a one-stop-shop for all their grain storage needs.