• An affordable high-quality grain monitoring system
  • Detect hot spots for safe long-term grain storage
  • Detect mould growth
  • Detect insect activity
  • Detect moisture content


  • One monitor can read any number of bins
  • Easy to use
  • Available for all sizes of new or existing bins
  • Sensors approximately every 3 feet for accurate monitoring

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Can I use a my hand held monitor to all bins ?

Yes, you can, if it is a current one.

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Are moisture cables separate than temperature cables?

All moisture cables record temperature, however, NO temp only cables will record moisture.

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How many cables are needed per bin package ?

That depends on the diameter of the bin. You may call us for more details.

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Can cables be monitored remotely?

Yes, with wireless technology you can get information over the internet from cell phone /iPad etc.. Call us for more details.

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