WHY CLIMB? Just like an elevator, press one button and Effortlessly use the skylift and get to the top of your bins.


  • Effortlessly reach the top of your bins
  • With the push of a button, safely ride the safety cage platform to the top without climbing any ladders or staircase
  • When shared between two bins, the price is almost half of the price of a staircase


  • Easy installation
  • Made to fit any bin size
  • The winch is covered to protect it from the elements
  • Works on both flat bottom and hopper style bins
  • Compatible with virtually all brands and models



$3500.00 for a regular sized bin


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Do you offer a Skylift for your hopper bins?

Yes, our Skylift mounts on hopper bins. Skylift is easy to install and priced much less than traditional staircases.

Note: one Skylift with the connecting platform can do two bins so it makes it safe and cost effective.
Why is it important to have ladder protection on taller bins?

Not only is it safe, but it is also the law in some parts of Canada. Our Skylift offers an elevator platform with a cage enclosure to ensure safety. (See related article)

Why is the Skylift a better option than staircases or ladder cages?

An elevator is the easiest way to the top floor of a hotel room. With Skylift, you can effortlessly reach the top of your bins. With the push of a button, safely ride the enclosed platform to the top without climbing a ladder or a staircase. Easy to install and works on all bin models. A single Skylift, with a connecting platform, can be shared between two bins making it priced almost half the price of the staircase!

What happens if a cable breaks?

It is highly unlikely that a cable would break as there is a safety factory involved. However in the event that this did occur, DARAMNI’S Skylift comes with a heavy duty ¼” SAFETY cable equipped with a safety grab. If the winch cable failed, this safety grab would act as a seatbelt and automatically lock into place so you would only drop a few inches.

How long does it take to get to the top of the bin?

That depends on how high the bin is. Typically, you will safely reach the top in under a minute.

How does a Skylift compare in price to Stair cases?

Similar to the staircase, the skylift can also share between the full costs between two bins. The Skylift is not only safer and easier to use but depending on size is priced between 25-40% less than Staircases installed.