When Aerating it is crucial that you have a way to vent out of the bin, therefore, allowing air to release as failure to do so will result in roof damage. By venting out of the upgraded Darmani lid, you eliminate the possible chance of snow entering as you can open and shut the vents remotely from the ground.

Vented Lid Benefits

  • Aerate your bin with the lid being closed
  • Open and close the venting from the ground remotely
  • Venting from the lid is equivalent to 4-6 standard roof vents

Optional Circular Roof Vents

  • 15” x 15” square opening at the bottom for easier installation
  • Lower profile
  • Screen to keep birds out

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Does venting from lid give you adequate roof ventilation?

Yes, for most bins, venting from the lid is sufficient. For larger diameter bins, added circular vents can be installed.

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How do the vents on the lid open?

The operator, from the ground, cranks a hand winch which tightens or loosens the rope allowing the springs to be released opening all the flaps. Works even in the windiest weather.

ADVANTAGE: Unlike Roof vents, if you back up from the bin, you will see if the roof flaps are open as roof venting can get plugged with snow and therefore freeze up eliminating the necessary ventilation.

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