The DARMANI retrofit lid is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve today’s farmer’s efficiencies in their harvesting operation. With traditional “yellow top” lids, farmers modern augers are as big as the lid opening and therefore making it next to impossible to get the spout in the centre of the hole. The other problem customers have with their current design of the lid, is that the lid’s spring-type opening gets damaged due to either wind or hitting with the auger and once damaged, it seems non-repairable. DARMANI RETRO-LIDS take the fill hole from 14 or 16” to 33’ making it easier to fill. DARMANI lids also feature a track-mounted opening eliminating the springs and therefore eliminating both wind and operator damages that result on a seasonal basis. This product will be one of the best investments farmers make.


  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to open
  • Track mounted
  • Windproof


  • Galvanised
  • 33” wide fill opening
  • Track mounted
  • Pull Rope used which is stronger than cable
  • Windproof
  • Limited Warranty


  • Compatible with Darmani, Westeel, Twister, Butler, Brock, Sioux

Current Pricing

Please call for current pricing (1-866-665-6677)


Coming Soon

How well does the lid latch?

When shut The lid door latches with a closer bar on the outside, therefore, sealing up nicely.

Can I retro-fit these lids to my existing bins?

Yes, you can. Included an adapter that will take your smaller collar and adapt to our larger size of the lid.

How hard is it to open and close?

As it is track mounted using rollers, it is very easy to open. The lid track is on an angle so it has natural pressures making it close easy.

How do I open the lid?

From the ground, you pull a rope eliminating any climbing.

How does the lid latch?

It is latched the ground, the lid has a latch where you attach the rope. At the top, the lid slides along the track where it has an opening where a pin latches automatically.