Adding aeration to your hopper bin is crucial for effective grain storage whether it is just a short term or for longer-term storage. Aeration systems designed with the least amount of air restrictions are proven to aerate at a faster rate and produce better results. That’s why all of Darmani’s Hopper aeration systems are designed to accommodate more airflow than its competitors due to their larger openings and the simple yet highly effective concept of being closed at the top and wide open at the bottom which equates to a very successful drying and aeration system.

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Tubular framework
  • Cone support plates
  • Accommodate either full or inline centrifugal fans
  • Adapters available

*Made in Canada


Bin Storage Benefits

  • Increased air flow
  • More open Area
  • No restrictions
  • Strong design
  • Designed for long life

Aeration Options

  • Aeration Fans
  • Aeration fan adapters

Current Pricing

Please call for current pricing (1-866-665-6677)


Please call Toll free for pricing on all other sizes not listed as they may be on sale but are just not featured in this list


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What makes effective Aeration in a Hopper bin?

There are a number of things that will contribute to the overall effectiveness when aerating grain in hopper bins. The most important one is the amount of air flow that can travel without restriction. The other aspect to consider is the size of the aeration fan. It is important to consider that simply increasing the size of the fan sometimes isn’t very effective if you don’t have enough non-restricted air flow.

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What is the difference between a Horizontal Air and a Cross Air?

The horizontal Air system covers the cone in one direction only whereas the cross air will reach out to the sides. The horizontal air system will provide effective air flow for bins up to 27` in diameter, but if one is wanting to maximize airflow, they can upgrade to the Cross air which will see an increased air capacity in larger diameter bins.

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How does the Horizontal Air system compare to a “rocket style”?

The horizontal air system provides more unrestricted airflow than a conventional rocket. The rocket was typically designed for smaller diameter bins.

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What is the most cost effective Air system for Hopper bins on the market?

The Horizontal Air system only gives you excellent aerating results, it is also the most cost-effective system on the market. The rocket style of air becomes increasingly more expensive due to the dealer/distributor style of marketing.

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What size of fan should I choose for a hopper bin?

Generally speaking, as a good ratio we recommend 1 hp for every 1,000 bushels. However, we have found that our customers who use our style of aeration systems on the larger hopper bins are effectively using a 10Hp fan for up to 10,000-12000 bushels and a 15hp fan for our 15,000-17000 bushel bin package.

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Why added support to air is important?

When aerating grain in hopper bins, you will find both lateral and horizontal pressures on any aeration systems put in the hopper cone. Strong tubular support is required with both horizontal and vertical bracing as well as the added support plates connecting the bracing to the cone sheets to accommodate the stresses involved with both loading/unloading.

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