Cost-effective grain storage peace of mind in the palm of your hand. The StorMax monitoring system provides you with accurate digital data about your grain so you can proactively manage aeration fans and prevent spoilage.


  • An affordable high-quality grain monitoring system
  • Detect hot spots for safe long-term grain storage
  • Detect mould growth
  • Detect insect activity


  • One monitor can read any number of bins
  • Easy to use

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Can I use a my hand held monitor to all bins ?

Yes, you can, if it is a current one.

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Are moisture cables separate than temperature cables?

All moisture cables record temperature, however, NO temp only cables will record moisture.

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How many cables are needed per bin package ?

That depends on the diameter of the bin. You may call us for more details.

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Can cables be monitored remotely?

Yes, with wireless technology you can get information over the internet from cell phone /iPad etc.. Call us for more details.

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