Darmani’s state of the art manufacturing equipment gives the ability to produce certain styles of sheets or to extend the storage capacity of bins by adding an entire row. Made to fit new and existing bins for brands like Westeel, Twister, Butler, Brock and Sukup, Darmani’s sheets are saving customers a lot of money.

Standard Bin Features

  • Galvanized coating
  • 44” Wide Corrugation
  • Punched to fit Westeel/Twister/Butler and other brands
  • Limited Warranty

More Value

  • By adding a wider 44” sheet versus the 33 or 36” sheet you are gaining valuable storage
  • Extend a 19` bin and gain 888 bushels storage
  • Extend a 14` bin and gain 462-bushel storage
  • Factory Direct -Wholesale pricing
  • Five (5) Year Limited Warranty

Bin Sheets Available

  • 44” Bin sheets with stiffeners holes or without
  • Curved to different diameters
  • Made to fit either Flat bottom or Hopper bottom
  • Door filler sheets also available

Other Bin Parts Available

  • Stiffeners
  • Bin bolts and hardware

Download Spec Sheets

There are currently no specs available.


Current Pricing

Please call for current pricing (1-866-665-6677)




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How do your bins compare with Westeel regarding gauge and features?

Gauge to gauge, with the exception of a few models are bins are heavier as we have updated our current designs giving them more steel where required so they can handle higher stress loads. Darmani does offer many value-added features. Click a link below for more details.

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Do you offer a Skylift for your hopper bins?

Yes, our Skylift mounts on hopper bins. Skylift is easy to install and priced much less than traditional staircases.

Note: one Skylift with the connecting platform can do two bins so it makes it safe and cost effective.
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How can I protect my bin from wind damage?

Darmani tie down anchors will offer the same wind protection as if it was concrete mounted.

Note: by using tie down anchors, the savings in the insurance rates alone will pay for the anchors.
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How many bushels does a extension tier add to my existing Westeel bins?

When adding an entire tier to a 14` diameter bin, you will gain 462 bushels storage.
When adding an entire tier to a 19` diameter bin, you will gain 888 bushels storage.

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If I extend my bins, what do I do with existing stiffeners?

You can either add more Westeel type angle iron stiffeners or it is recommended to go to a heavier Darmani style stiffener and mount on outside making it both stronger and easier to clean out with no hang-ups.

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Can I add a tier to my bins and then put them onto these DARMANI cones?

Yes, but that will be determined by the size and style of bin you are starting with. DARMANI manufactures the bin sheets and stiffeners required to extend your bins so that they are stronger than originally manufactured.

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Do you I have to replace door with door filler sheets?

Yes, as the doors are meant for Flat bottom bins and the stress loads on Hopper bins increases and so it would be necessary to prevent any future damage that could occur.

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