The DARMANI door is truly an easy access door. Unlike our competitors, it features NO tie rod braces or inner panels, making it easy to get into without the need for removing anything or special tools. We use heavier metal than our competitors which makes for a much stronger design. The exclusive vertical lift design features a lift assist allowing it to lift right out of the way for complete access. The chute design is made deeper to accommodate larger augers. The door is designed to work on any bin, however, some modification of existing door cutouts may need to be made as our doors are bigger in design than most models to better accommodate larger augers.

Standard Bin Features

  • Galvanized
  • Wider door for easy entry
  • Deeper chute for more auger room
  • Pre-punched to fit sheets when adding Darmani tiers with an easy access door
  • Limited Warranty

Other Bin Parts Available

  • Bin door sheets
  • Bin Stiffeners
  • Bin bolts and hardware

Download Spec Sheets

There are currently no specs available.


Current Pricing

Please call for current pricing (1-866-665-6677)




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How high does the chute lift?

When fully open, the chute lifts up out of the way approx. 6` making it easy to walk underneath.

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Does it close well?

The door latches with a closer bar on the outside, therefore, sealing up nicely.

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Can I retro-fit these to my existing bins?

Yes, you can. If you are not adding sheets, then you will have to cut the door wider in order to accommodate the wider door that Darmani offers versus the older ones you have installed.

NOTE: If you were adding 2 tiers, the sheets would come pre-punched and pre-cut for easy and fast installation.

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What holds the door in the upright position?

Specifically designed with enclosed spring assisted cylinders, the door is easy to open and will stay in that position until the operator gently presses down on the handle situated inside the chute.

NOTE: This is all done from the outside

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