Our Automatic Bin Sweep (ABS) is a solid one-piece construction. It features two hydraulic motors with separate valves for better control. This HIGH-SPEED sweep is designed to be left in the bin and will start under pressure. The Bin sweep features backboards for fast and easy cleanout and includes a “kicker” which allows the bin sweep to move around the bin. The bin sweep was designed for Steel floors but will work on concrete as well.


  • Effortlessly cleans out your bins
  • Starts under pressure
  • Above-floor
  • Fast cleanout


  • Galvanized construction
  • 8” cupped flyting for increased speed capacity
  • Comes pre-assembled and tested
  • Works with mover kits on existing augers
  • When combined with pit cleanout you only leave kernels behind

Current Pricing

Please call for current pricing (1-866-665-6677)




Can the ABS hydraulics run off my mover on my self propelled auger?

Yes, if the auger is equipped with a decent hydraulic pump and outlets for connecting hoses.

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Will the binsweep keep up to a 10” Auger?

With proper hydraulic pressures, the binsweep is very fast as it uses 8” cupped flyting and is travelling horizontally.

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Will the binsweep work with a DARMANI HYDRALIC SWING AIR bin?

Yes, that is one of the bin models that it was specifically designed for. When combined with a pit cleanout it makes clean up to only a few kernels.

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Will the binsweep work with a DARMANI unload system?

Yes, with a few brackets it would work with a full unload system.

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