DARMANI offers tie-down anchors in a regular and a heavy-duty version. Anchors are meant for securing either Flat bottom or Hopper bottom bins which are mounted on either a Steel floor or Steel Skid foundation. By installing anchors, you make sure your bin will be insured and the amount you pay on anchoring will reduce your insurance costs.


  • Protection against wind
  • Offered in both regular and Heavy duty
  • Direct Mount versus adding cables.
  • Insurance approved

Standard Anchor Features

  • Regular anchors are 48” long x ¾” shaft with a wind rating of @ 4,000 upwards pressure
  • Heavy Duty anchors are 48” long x 2” shaft with a wind rating of @ 15-20,000 upwards pressure.
  • Both styles of anchors use a nut, so they can be easily installed
  • Limited Warranty


Recommended # of anchors for steel floors on flat bottom bins

  • 18’ Steel Floor = 4 Anchors
  • 21’ Steel Floor = 6 Anchors
  • 24’ Steel Floor = 8 Anchors
  • 27’ Steel Floor = 8 Anchors
  • 30’ Steel Floor = 10 Anchors
  • 36′ Steel Floor = 24 Anchors

Recommended # of anchors for steel floors on flat bottom bins

  • 18’ Steel Skid = 6 Anchors
  • 21’ Steel Skid = 7 Anchors
  • 24’ Steel Skid = 8 Anchors
  • 27’ Steel Skid = 9 Anchors

Current Pricing

Please call for current pricing (1-866-665-6677)


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How are they installed?

They have a heavy-duty nut welded on end so they can be installed manually, but most customers will use hydraulic pressure applied.

How many do you recommend?

It depends on the style of the bin and its diameter and height. For a guide see specs.

Do I save on insurance costs if I anchor the bins?

Yes, If you anchor your bins, most insurance brokers not only reward you with lower rates but will insist as they could have the right not to insure if not anchored.