On-farm aeration is crucial for effective grain storage. Aeration Fans are the key to any successful drying and aeration system. That’s why our fans are built to last and come with a standard 2-year warranty.

Standard Features:

  • CSA Approved
  • Thermal protection
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Aluminium blades
  • Precision balanced
  • Enclosed fan cooled motor
  • Slow start motor
  • Weatherproof controls
  • Adapters available
  • Fan test report included
  • Available in single or 3 phase motor
  • Available in inline or full centrifugal fans

Standard Warranty

*Made in Canada

Also available: Turbo Fans and Low-Speed Centrifugal Fans


  • Quiet
  • Compact
  • Efficient
  • Designed for long life


  • Square to round adapters
  • Round to square adapters


5 hp incline – $1795.00

7.5 hp incline – $2295.00

10 hp incline – $2495.00

15 hp incline – $3250.00



5 hp full centrifugal – $1768.00

7.5 hp full centrifugal – $2275.00

10 hp full centrifugal – $2495.00


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What is the difference between single and three phase fans?

Other than the motor, there is no real difference. The motor on a three phase fan draws a lot less amps, thus requiring less power with the same size of motor, saving you money on your power bill. If you have access to three phase power, we recommend to use three phase if available.

What is the difference between a “turbo” fan and the regular inline centrifugal fan?

Some market the turbofan as a superior product. Though it may outperform traditional styles fans at some static pressures, premium prices do not equal better value. It is always better to purchase a fan with more horsepower, as opposed to a fan with a turbo. However, turbofans are now available upon request.

What is the difference between the square or round mount fans?

Square-mount fans are called Full Centrifugal Fans and Round fans are called Inline Centrifugal. Square-mount fans are often designed for rocket style aeration and performance is dependant on static pressure. A larger, circle-mount fan with a transition, will effectively blow more air and is a more cost-effective option.

What is the most cost effective fan on the market?

Inline centrifugal fans feature the best of both worlds. They work well in all levels of static pressure, come in standard mount sizes and are a better value for dollar spent.

What size of fan should I choose?

Generally speaking, as a good ratio we recommend 1 hp for every 1,000 bushels. However, we have found that our customers who use our style of aeration systems on either the larger flat bottom bins or hopper bins are effectively using a 10Hp fan for up to 15,000 bushels and a 15hp fan for our 19,000-bushel bin package.

What are the fan colour options?

All Darmani fans are powder coated and painted either black or grey. This adds to the appearance as it matches the bin as well as eliminates potential rusting that will occur over time.

What type of aeration fans do you sell?

We now offer Inline Centrifugal (Round mount), Full Centrifugal (Square mount) and Turbofans. Generally, the most effective fan is the high-speed Inline Centrifugal fans.

How does a Darmani aeration fan mount?

For DARMANI Flat bottom bins, the aeration fan mounts directly onto the bin door thus eliminating the need for any adapters. The inner bracing of the door panel allows a fan up to 10 or 15hp to be mounted. The use of an air sock can allow the user to utilize one fan—moving it from one bin to another. For DARMANI Hopper bins, the aeration fan mounts directly the hopper inlet tube.