Grain Storage Products

Flat bottom grain bins

Flat Bottom Grain Bins

Feature Exterior stiffened bin models for mounting on either steel floors or cement pads. Darmani Flat bottom Grain Bins come standard with an inspection hatch, roof ring brace, sidewall and roof ladders. Exclusive features include a 52” POSI-drive track mounted lid, easy access door and optional add-ons to improve aeration and unload ease. (Click to see comparison)

PIcture of hopper bins spaced apart on Steel skid

Hopper Mount Grain Bins

Feature Exterior stiffened bin models, featuring our exclusive 52” POSI-drive track mounted remote lid opener. Darmani Hopper Mount Grain Bins come standard with an inspection hatch, roof ring brace, sidewall and roof ladders. (Click to see comparison)

Grain bin steel floors

Steel Bin Floors

Our steel floors are available to fit all makes and models of flat bottom bins from 14′ – 36′ in diameter. Our steel floors include a 20-year warranty, are 100% resaleable and are priced 20-35% less than the competition.

Hopper Cone Foundation

Galvanized Hopper Cones

Not all Hopper Cones are created equal as Darmani’s line of galvanized cones offers many features not offered by competitors. The standard 40 Degree slope is what is required for easy unloading. The galvanized bolt-together design will not only last longer but saves customers 1000’s of dollars. Engineered to withstand the weight loads of producers needs, the cones can be equipped with aeration and steel skid foundations and come in sizes from 18-27` in diameter. (Click for cone comparisons)


Aeration Fans and Temperature Monitoring

Darmani aeration fans are RATED #1 in the market. They are available in both inline centrifugal and full centrifugal and come in either single or three-phase motors up to 15 hp. The fans are manufactured in Canada and feature aluminium blades and thermal protection and are value-priced lower than the competition. (Click to see fan comparisons) Darmani offers the latest technology in Grain monitoring through the extensive list of OPI’S product line. Protect your investment and maximize your returns by incorporating temperature and moisture monitoring. (Click to go to OPI site)

skylift operator inside

Grain bin Options and Extension tier bin sheets

Offering a complete line of grain storage accessories to go with either Flat or Hopper grain bins including Bin extension sheets to add storage to existing flat or hopper bins, door filler sheets, stiffeners, ladders and other bin hardware as well as Skylifts, Aeration Systems, bin sweeps, Unload systems, temperature and moisture cables and tie-down anchors.


Skytrack is a combination with the skylift that allows you to move the skylift mounted on a track from bin to bin. You only need one skylift for an infinite amount of bins in a straight line. The skytrack consists of a skylift mounted on a 3×3 square tube frame. It is attached to a trolley system which runs on a track which goes from bin to bin. It can be positioned anywhere along the track in front of ladders to the roof of the bin. It is not limited by ladders that are fixed. one skylift will do an infinite amount of bins making it very economical and safe. The skylift/skytrack combo has three safety features; a safety grab on the main cage, if the cable from the winch breaks, it was automatically stop the fall of the cage. A harness and safety grab are attached to a cable that is separate from the cage. if the cage system malfunctions you will be held safely with the harness on the separate safety grab. The third safety feature is a mechanical device that locks automatically going up the ladder which is mounted on the side of the skylift. If the power might go out, the ladder is useable. The operator can use the remote a wiring to a pendant to operate the system. This system is compatible to new or existing bins of any make or any size as long as they are in a straight line and are the same height. This system will save you thousands of dollars over safety cages and spiral staircases.