Darmani Grain Bins & Accessories


Darmani Grain Storage Systems is a family-owned and operated grain bin manufacturing company located in the heart of the Prairies. We are innovators in the market, providing much more value than just grain storage bins. When you purchase from DARMANI, you DEAL Directly with the manufacturer, cutting out the distributor and dealer costs associated with other brands. We are confident enough in our value-added features our entire product line that we post our specials online so feel free to see our product comparison guides and compare pricing to any other quotes that you might receive.



Complete grain storage solutions including flat bottom & hopper bins, aeration, unload systems, steel floors and accessories.

Canadian made flat bottom grain bins


Whether it is Flat bottom or Hopper bottom, smaller bins or larger diameter bins, DARMANI has the grain storage products at Factory Direct Pricing.


grain storage equipment leasing financing available


In the past, many have avoided lease financing due to high-interest rates, and on many products, consumers have not saved on income taxes. Darmani Grain Storage is changing that. Grain storage purchases provide tax savings that can save you money–the average purchase saves consumers thousands! So when you combine the tax savings and interest rates comparable to what conventional bank financing offers, Darmani Wholesale Leasing becomes the best choice.

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grain bin product delivery freight


DARMANI has changed the way freight is being handled. DARMANI products are manufactured with efficient delivery in mind. Since all products are NON-WIDE LOAD a customer can easily pick up their purchase or arrange pickups through backhauls. This saves customers a lot of money a there are a number of carriers waiting for loads and can be coordinated directly from the factory.

grain bin installation and setup


When you order a product that requires assembly, hiring the right crew to assemble it, is key. An inexperienced assembly crew may show up late, after harvest is complete, or maybe not at all! Equally challenging, is locating and scheduling a bin crane at the right time when you or your crew are ready to assemble. Your setup crews are committed to coordinate a timely setup and are back their workmanship with a one year guarantee. Avoid the hassle of locating equipment, adding the expense of rental costs or worrying about the quality of workmanship. Your setup crew would carry workers compensation, riggers and liability insurance as well as come fully equipped to get the job done right and would provide a digital sign off upon completion.